Tiffany Ash has loved music and the arts her whole life. Throughout her career, she has always sought to keep  the influence of music and arts in her life. This is why in her work as an executive to a local company, she continues to seek out the positive impact of the arts and music to share it with others, particularly individuals who cannot afford access to this level of artistic performance. In her efforts to look for more ways to introduce local people to the music and artistry that she loves, she came upon the Jacksonville Symphony and feels that it’s her duty as an art patron to work with them.

For Tiffany Ash, the work she has done with the Jacksonville Symphony is unprecedented. The Symphony itself is well known throughout the state for its incredible performances and the high caliber of its musicians. Part of their culture of musical excellence is to enrich the lives of others and the human spirit through their symphonic music. They are always looking for more ways to reach more people than ever with their performances. For the work between them and Tiffany, it’s a match in terms of goals.

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